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Find the Name and Address of the Registered Owner of a Phone Number by our Reverse Phone Number Lookup. Lists Millions of Business and Residential Phone Numbers Including Landline, Toll-Free and Cell Phones. Wondering Who is Calling You? Enter a 10-digit Phone Number and Search Through our Record of Business and Residential Data to Find The Name and Location based on The Phone Number.

Phone Number Area Codes

In The North American Numbering Plan, The Area Code is a 3-digit Number That Identifies Each Telephone Service Area. You can Tell The Geographic Location of a Phone Number by It's Area Code. The First Digit of an Area Code Must be Between 2 Through 9, While Any Number Could be Used for The Second and The Third Digit. The Three Digits Following an Area Code Are Called The Central Office Code or The Prefix, and The Next Four Digits Are Called The Subscriber Code.

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